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Grasping at Eternity (The Kindrily)

Grasping at Eternity - Karen Amanda Hooper Riveting. Absolutely, 100% riveting. This is an insta-favorite for me, a re-readable, a book I'm going to peddle to all of my friends who are romantic, believers in soulmates, in re-incarnation, in connections, in magic, in love, in family...no, kindrily. If this weren't fiction, I would be nodding my head and saying, "oh so THAT is why my best friend felt familiar to me the first time I met her" or "Oh so that's why I feel that "clink" of connection with him." Who am I kidding? I'm saying that anyway. This is AMAZING. Beautiful. Rich. Heartbreaking. Oh, how my heart hurt for Nathaniel. I wanted to smack Maryah for erasing. But wait...did she truly? At the opening scene, I was sure I was going to dislike her. She's moping in a boathouse about how her father thinks she's inadequate. And I thought perhaps it was going to be a magical power family because of the word gift, etc. I forgot that humans have gifts, too: noble-minded, passionate, musically inclined, artistic, academic, sympathetic, capacity to love, etc. And then suddenly...holy crap. Ms Hooper...that was a helluva way to start your book. I pitied Maryah instantly, my heart aching, and I had no idea it was in for more twists. This is book one and the final words in the novel are: NOT THE END. Oh, thank the earth! I need to read more. I need to see if Argos is who I think he is. I need to see what the hell Dedrick is doing to the kindrily and what he hopes to obtain from that. I need to know that Maryah will come into her full self again. If you like romantic notions, if you believe in soul mates, if you like a little bit of human magic with a bump up of power (teleportation, talking to animals, freezing time, super strength, astral projection), if you like the idea that those you love will have a life with you again (aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters, etc), you need to read this.