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I probably won't blog here as much as I do on my actual blog, A_TiffyFit's Reading Corner. But I'm sure you'll see me here often enough! Don't be shy. Say hi! Tell me what you're reading!

Autumn Storm (Witchling Trilogy, #2) - Lizzy Ford Hokay! I am now caught up and diving into Winter Fire. This is a fantastic series that I am simply gobbling up. I love witch books. I love young adult. I love paranormal. I love the tortured bad boy thing. I love how involved and adoring the family members are of one another. The mantra "one day at a time" is perfect. Life isn't perfect; you can ONLY take it one day at a time. Dawn is such an evil, conniving bitch. I am hoping for final resolution there in book 3, although I know another book is coming in this trilogy turned saga. I feel so lucky to have discovered so many great new-to-me authors this year and Lizzy Ford is definitely at the top of the list. I was reviewing my kindle purchases and wanted to slap myself for not having cracked open my "MUST READ NOW FOLDER". I went on a buying spree a few months ago and that folder has easily 50 books in it - books that were free, books that were not, books that were gifted. HOW COULD I NOT HAVE GOTTEN TO THIS FOLDER EARLIER? Well, now I did. :)