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Dark Summer (Witchling Series)

Dark Summer - Lizzy Ford I am reading the Witchling series in preparation for book 3. I picked this up and started it this afternoon and FWOOOOOOOOOOSH! I ignored everyone and read straight through. I want to go on and on and on about this book, however, I also want to get on with the series. So! Pace: amazing, fast, wonderfulPlot: Complex, multi-faceted, a great beginning to MORECharacters: rich, well-developed, you really freaking hate the bad ones, you heart aches for the good one, and you're so incredible ticked at the "neutral" who is supposed to be a nonjudgmental kind of being, but he's an A$$ at the end. Who am I kidding? I'm not one of those reviewers who can break things down that way...I freaking loved it and want to read nothing but Lizzy Ford now. Amazing writing that yanked me right in, made me ignore the world, including my poor little dog. I think I nearly walked the poor blind little thing into a tree because my head was down, reading my kindle as I was walking her in the yard. The Turner twins are interesting, light and dark, both with issues. One has the tortured soul thing going on, the other is naive as hell and won't listen to anyone about his stupid girlfriend being bad. OOOOOOH I hope she gets it. She's EVIL.