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The Royal Flush (Knights of the Darkness Chronicles, #3)

The Royal Flush (Knights of the Darkness Chronicles, #3) - D.N. Simmons This series certainly isn’t losing any momentum! Usually in a longer series, book 3 is the flop where things are starting to drag or become redundant. That is NOT the case here. This time, the pride, the coven, and the pack are each missing one member, one of their younger ones. Our main characters soon find out that it’s a rich man’s hunt: the prey is the supernaturals that were kidnapped. Lots of action and a plot that keeps rolling forward, the only blips were one or two grammatical/spelling issues (his versus he’s, vain versus vein). I’m used to spelling kidnapped with double Ps, but kidnaped is an acceptable spelling.Natasha’s visions are increased in power although we only see a few of them. This increase is thanks to Darian’s decision to have her drink more blood to strengthen them, to help track down the missing members. I love how this book is bringing together pride, pack, and coven as they work together more and more, all because of Natasha. She is one special character as they keep stressing. She genuinely cares for others, more than herself, is incredibly feisty, and doesn’t take shit from anyone. The most exciting development in this series is WE GET TO MEET DARIAN’S MASTER, KYSEN! Ohhhhh yes you do! =) So you have kidnapping, strategizing, banter between the pack/pride/coven, relationship development between Warren & Matthew & Adrian as well as Natasha & Xavier & Darian. The former is not what you think; the latter IS. The sex is still hot and still present in the books and again, as an extension of the characters and their personalities instead of gratuitous. It’s for comfort, for demonstrations of love, for celebration of living through something that ought to have killed them etc.Natasha’s surprise for Darian’s birthday is awesome and I’m hoping that by the end of the series…we see this to completion! ON TO BOOK FOUR!