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Hostile Territory: Knights of the Darkness Chronicles

Hostile Territory - D.N. Simmons Happy Independence Day, everyone! It's kinda fitting that I am writing this review today on a book in the series whose plot centers around defending their ways of life and keeping from being under the rule of a vicious tyrant. This time a pack member, a pride member, and a coven member have been kidnapped to try and force a takeover of the territory. Not just any members were kidnapped either: We got Natasha (Xavier & Darian's lover) missing, Sebastian (Sergio's son), & Matthew (Warren's lover) all missing! Darian can't use his bond with Natasha to find out where she's being held or who took them, either, as the kidnappers are keeping them all drugged up. For poor Natasha, who is a psychic, this means an endless loop of jumbled visions as she sleeps under the influence of the sedative. This book has a TON of action with vicious fight sequences that play like a movie in your head. Very well described and easy to visualize. There are also some super sexy instances, demonstrations of love and devotion, and some VERY interesting revelations and developments. ;) I wonder if Natasha will ever become a vampire? I truly hope so. I want her to live forever with her chosen loves. The next book is called THE LION'S DEN and I am thinking this means we will be meeting some lion shifters...oooh weeee!