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Beyond Parallel

Beyond Parallel - Matthew  Turner Is the word "beyond" meant to be equivalent to the word fate? There are two lives running simultaneously as the title suggests, and what lives they are! Different in all implications of that word are the two characters that the readers follow.Turner weaves these tales in such a way that it truly feels as if the reader is getting a peek into the actual, real people.Their angsts, their triumphs, their anxieties, the ups and down, the struggles, the joys, and their loves can be felt by the reader by the way this talented author spins this tale.I bet numerous readers will identify themselves in these characters as they run through the gamut of emotions, all of us having had our own trials and tribulations and similar emotions in our own lives and experiences with love.Beyond Parallel is a romantic novel which deals in the reality of life as opposed to a fantasy set out of time, out of this world, out of place. It manages the romance in the real life settings which more readers may easily identify with and therefore enjoy it immeasurably. You see the romance, the idea of fate, the realism, and the love of Clark and Bella, the way it ought to be.The parallel lives for them are woven in such a way that the readers won't find out if they are fated for one another. It is one of those stories that is so seamless, so intricate, the reader will be eager for the end to find out what happens. It captivated me entirely. These two paths were extremely interesting and entertaining especially because they were so uniquely different. I am no writer and cannot begin to describe how much you immerse yourself in this story, watching and learning. The prose is contemporary and smooth-flowing without any glitches to kick you out of Reader Zone. You must read this.