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Tethered by Fate (Alyx Rayer Chronicles #2)

Tethered by Fate (Alyx Rayer Chronicles #2) - S.J. Pierce For a book tour. Review to come. These flipping endings kill me. *****************These. Endings. Are. Killing. Me. KILLING ME, Ms. Pierce! The action in this book, the pace of the plot, far outstrips the first. This is to be expected as we now have our main characters and events are set in motion. Thankfully, this picked up right where we left off in book one! I really enjoyed these books.However, the sheer vindictiveness, viciousness, and "mean-girl" pettiness of these "angels" is revolting! Where I liked Alyx's vulnerability that made her more human, these reactions made me sneer in disgust at the other Protectors. This isn't a bad thing; obviously Ms Pierce wrote this well enough to get a visceral reaction from me, the reader, including cheering when Alyx hauls off and socks... I'll let you read that part. I guarantee you'll be cheering, too.We get added characters in this book: more Protectors, some Warriors, some gifted Humans, and some Elders. Man...that one Elder, you are going to want to punch in his mouth. I don't know...I'm not religious at all, but I kind of think of Angels as not being so...petty and vindictive. Those are not nice qualities.My heart hurts for poor Samuel and Julie. Samuel...I guess he loves her no matter what and respects her for being forthright with him. Julie...poor Julie. And yet, it works out well that it turned out that way. I guess we'll find out more in book three.HEY! I don't have book three!!! :( Guess, I'll be waiting with you guys.