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Marked for Vengeance (Alyx Rayer Chronicles, #1)

Marked for Vengeance (Alyx Rayer Chronicles, #1) - S.J. Pierce for a book tour coming up on the 17th.****************This book was very unique! It kept me hooked without ever explaining anything in full. I thought - well, perhaps I better read the synopsis again as this is not what I originally thought it was! (I'm not a synopsis reader as I came across quite a few that gave the book away entirely! I read the blurbs to see if I'm interested in reading the book and then I dive into the book later when reading without refreshing myself on the blurb!) Anyway, so for a moment I thought I should reread the blurb, but decided to plow ahead and just keep reading. This story unfolds in spirals and reveals only vague ideas, a tiny bit at a time, while keeping you in suspense. You know that this is Alyx's third time on Earth, that she has a Marked, and that her kind only lives 3 times. She is an old soul in a young body...and really this is where I felt sad for her: she doesn't get her own full life to live. At first, I thought her Marked was someone she had to kill! But you soon learn that it is her person to protect.Alyx and her Marked, Isaac, are likable because they are NOT perfect. Isaac is so normal as a widower mourning his wife and whose only cares are his son and his art, inspired by his vivid dreaming. Still grieving for his wife and yet tenacious enough to hunt Alyx down after a chance encounter t ofind out who she is.Alyx is endearing because she seems so...lost. She is a endearing mix of uncertainty and confidence, reverent and rule-breaking. She doubts herself and doesn't know her powers, but is sure enough to break the rules and desire Isaac. Her first thought when violence erupts is to protect those she loves including her friend Cindra. She doubts her abilities and yet still leaps forward on faith. It makes her human and vulnerable.Her vulnerability combined with Isaac's genuine emotions and reactions pull the reader in fast and deep. The ending...omg I've never been happier to have a sequel in my hands already. *blows out a breath* MY KINDLE LIED AND SAID I HAD 15% MORE TO GO! I did not. :(