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Dark Innocence

Dark Innocence: The Star-Seer's Prophecy (a Fantasy Novel of the Healing Journey) Book One - Rahima Warren Review to come********************I gave this book 5 stars on Goodreads and it deserves every single one of them. While this is a fantasy book, it is also so much more. On the surface, this is a fast-paced read in a realm where evil has taken over and there are small pockets of rebellion fighting for their right to live freely, for things such as the air and sun and earth and water, they are fighting to bring back love and life, to unite the Goddess with their realm once more.The savior of this book is Kyr, a sex slave with direct access to the monstrous ruler, the Soul-Drinker. Working towards the freedom of the kingdom is The Circle, led by Rajani, a Warrior-Mage oath-bound to ensure that the Star-Seer's Prophecy is fulfilled. The Prophecy foretells that the only one who can destroy the Soul-Drinker, bring back the Goddess, and restore the sacred balance of the earthly and divine realms is the "twin-souled dark innocent."This book tells you about the prophecy, the sacrifices made from Circle members, what they "had to do" to ensure the Prophecy comes about, and then...Kyr's journey of self-forgiveness and discovery.I could not stop reading this book. Not only was the story fantastic, but you could see each little step of self-healing, discovery, acceptance, etc. It made you think about all of the stories you hear about on the news, all of the children who have horrific childhoods and how they, too, need this journey to be able to live fulfilling lives as adults later on. It's beautiful and sad and hopeful and inspiring. Can you imagine a world where we face our fears, take responsibility, and forgive not only ourselves but one another?