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Daynight - Megan Thomason How do I write a review for this book without giving away a single thing? I want to tell you my every thought and emotion as I read this story. As always, when dealing with government, there are rules, regulations, and in a dystopia, harsh severe punishments. As always when dealing with people there are complications: human greed for power, the tendency towards evil to get their way, etc., the crazy lengths people will go to for their "ideals" are all exemplified in this book. The romantic entanglement is just that: entangled. It is a hot mess. I do NOT mean the writing; the writing of this book is superb and really draws the reader in. I mean the situation our three main characters find themselves in is precarious, twisted and tangled, and messy with the uncovering of information, emotional upheavals, constant plotting, the beats of their hearts, etc.If you can't tell just yet, this was a five star read. Many of my notes in my kindle are highlights that say "HOLY CRAP" or "OMG!" or "ARE YOU FLIPPING KIDDING ME?!" My poor kindle probably has bruises from me punching the screen with my finger to get to the next page as quickly as I could. This is a page-turning novel of endless scheming, power plays, fraught with tension scenes of possible discovery, and a love triangle where you're absolutely torn between wanting Kira to choose BOTH guys. It's not that I don't wish for monogamy and happiness; I am a full supporter of such things. It's that I didn't want any of them to hurt and no matter who she ended up with/chose, she would hurt and the leftover guy would hurt. I don't think I've ever felt this way about a love triangle; I usually pick one partner fairly easily over the other. What made it even more difficult is that you start to weigh the options, the future, the possible outcome, and are just as invested in the move that would best assist the outcome we want; not just matters of the heart. Love is romantic and all, but sometimes practicality must trump true love. An entire planet, possibly two planets, depend on it!And then there's Jax. You have met Jax if you read "clean slate complex". He's in this one, too. Briefly, but he's there. And he is still a whole chunk of mysteriousness that I cannot wait to read more about.More you say? Yes, more. There has to be more. There will be more. This is just the beginning. We've met the future Mother of Thera, and the Father of Thera...but now that we know what is what, who the players are, what life on Thera is like, and what the grand plans are, what is going to happen?