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Cliff of the Ruin

Cliff of the Ruin - Bonnie McKernan Review: 5 out of 5 starsBoy, I have really had a string of excellent books lately. I feel so very lucky! This book was one of those where I smile as I turn the final page (or thumb my kindle in this case) and let out a satisfied sigh, heart happy about the romance, the story, and my little reader’s trip to the past. Ms. McKernan’s book starts us off in New Jersey, post-Civil War, introducing us to the Kendrick family and Mae, the protagonist of this story, and William Teague – Civil War hero, lawyer, dashingly handsome, well-mannered gentleman. The story follows Mae’s journey from her home in New Jersey to Ireland, in search of her husband, whom she has no recollection marrying. Piece by piece, the book unfolds, keeping you guessing at every turn, things that seem obvious in hindsight so cleverly woven that I kept guessing wrong as I was reading, impatiently turning the pages and gobbling up the story.Ms. McKernan pulls you in, gently escorts you along, and before you know it, you realize that you just squandered all your sleeping time while lost in her story. Perhaps she even yanked me into the land of Fae while I was reading and I didn’t even know it!Highly recommended for those like me who love Irish folklore of the good people aka sidhe aka shee, historical fiction, and clean romance that tugs at your heart! Loved it.