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Soul Avenged (Sons of Wrath, #1)

Soul Avenged - Keri Lake Okay, first I should say that I got my copy directly from the author as an ARC in exchange for my honest, unbiased review. I am doing my best to keep this a spoiler free review, including not giving away much of the plot. Okay?Honest. Unbiased. Review. Got that? Good.This was one of the BEST paranormal fantasy reads I have read in a long time! I started reading this in earnest today as Blizzard Nemo hit the area. Between bouts of taking the dogs out, checking on friends, etc., I was sneaking time in to read. And then when I finally had a few hours to myself (very late at night as it's now 4am and I've been reading the last 3 hours straight) I finished this in one, long gulp, unable to put it down and sleep. I simply had to know what was going to happen!The book hits the ground running, full sprint. There is no lead up, Keri Lake just drops you into the middle of the action and makes you say to yourself, "Yeeeesss!"The heroine, Ayden, kicks some serious ass, but flawed in that way that makes her human and appealing to the reader. If you liked Lilith Saint Crow's Dante Valentine or Jill Kismet, you are going to love Ayden. In the beginning, I was in complete agreement with Kane: "This woman is all kinds of fucked up, but damn she is one tough cookie!" She frustrated me in her inability to see past his new "halfling" status. He hasn't done anything wrong yet, woman! Kane seems like quite the good man. Motivated by his own loss in life, he's the director of a children's cancer institute before he's bitten. He lives a good life, if a tad obsessed with his job. It's as he's seeing the end come, that he realizes he really wasn't LIVING. Ms. Lake's world is well constructed and detailed. READ THE GLOSSARY IN THE FRONT. You won't necessarily need it as the explanations come seamlessly in the plot of the novel, however it does help to have an idea and something to reference when they are talking about it. As the reader, I found myself connecting with the different characters easily. They are all so fascinating! I am happy that this is the first in the series and I am hoping that the series will be a book for each Wrath brother we just met. I mean, this story is about Ayden and Kane, really, with an introduction to the Sons of Wrath. Sooooooo...books on Gavin, Logan (and Calla?), Zeke, Zayne, Calix, Ferno, and dammit I'm missing one. This sounds like something weird to say, but not only did I really enjoy the story and the characters, but I also really appreciated Ms. Lake's writing. I've read several series whose story could be fantastic, but it melts into just sex scene after sex scene, which while hot detracts from the progression of the plot, and isn't what I'm looking for when I read. Yes there are sex scenes in this book, but they integrate well with the plot and the story of the characters involved. I also appreciated that we the readers weren't told in detail about the disgusting and sadistic sexual actions General Wade inflicted on his female soldiers. The hints alone left such distaste in my mouth, but I was very glad not to have it solidified into imagery. The ending was very satisfying and complete. No cliffhanger to leave you dangling, although PLENTY to explore in future books in the series. I haven't enjoyed a book of this genre this much since I was first introduced to Dante Valentine, Jill Kismet, Elena & Clay, Paige & Lucas, etc. I need the rest in this series. I know this book just came out, but I really need the rest of this series. LOLTL;DR - It was a frickin' good read, urban/paranormal fantasy, go GET IT! And then join the bandwagon as we await more in this series. :) Thank you, Ms. Lake, for giving me a FABULOUS read during a huge blizzard!