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Secret Seekers Society and the Beast of Bladenboro

Secret Seekers Society and the Beast of Bladenboro - J.L. Hickey Part of a blog tour. Review to come.***************This is a middle grade novel, a first in a series, where a pair of orphans are whisked to a spooky mansion out in the country to be raised by their godfather, a man they have never met. Angry, grieving, and confused, Hunter and Elly are awed by what is inside the mansion, but locked into their room "for their own safety." Hunter is understandably upset until he hears wild growling their first night there. And so the children's adventure begins! From the stern Patty to the compassionate Margot to the mysterious professor to their new, giant doglike pet, the children are immersed into a land of reality filled with fairy-tale creatures.I thought this book was cute, but a bit disjointed in writing. There are several instances where the wrong word is used (irrupted instead of erupted, ravenous instead of enraged, homonym misuse (your vs you're)etc.), the writing/conversations seem a bit choppy, sections just aren't fleshed out enough, etc.Those minor instances aside, this book has the potential to be a favorite (series) for the middle grade child who loves the idea of mythological creatures, adventures, and perhaps likes to entertain the idea of hidden agendas for anthropologists and archaeologists. The story line is quite enjoyable and the beginnings of bonding friendships is there. I wish there had been more friendship building, relationship building, etc., perhaps more exposure on the sliminess of one character in particular. I want to learn more about the characters NOW and I cannot wait to see how the children's education will develop in future novels! (And I totally want a Cusith)