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Perception - Viviana Ware I signed up at the chance to read and review this book for the author. I received an ecopy of the book to read in exchange for my honest review!This is one of those books where you're utterly flummoxed at the end. You aren't confused, but you just keep saying wow...yeah...wow! This book grasps your attention by using the second person from the get-go, instantly putting the reader into the shoes of Grace. The constant use of "you did this, you did that, you felt this" drags you in, willingly or not, and plops you in the driver seat of Grace. Incredibly effective at getting you to engage with the story. That being said, after a little bit, I started to find it annoying. Perhaps I found it annoying because at times I wanted to shake Grace by her shoulders, but really...am shaking myself since I felt as if I were Grace? I DON'T KNOW! lol Like I said, incredibly effective way to make the reader engage instantly. There is a lot going on in this novel all centering around the twins, Grace and Jude, their grandmother that they had never met, and their past tragedy. The conversations and banter in this book are smooth, believable, dead on for teenage angst, growth, relationships, etc. Very well written! In fact, this played like a movie in my head...seamlessly streaming with vivid imagery. I could SEE that house, the grandmother, etc. I really liked this one and would definitely recommend it be added to your reading list!