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Don't Bite the Bridesmaid (Entangled Covet)

Don't Bite the Bridesmaid - Tiffany Allee Review to come. But: if you like paranormal romances, I'd recommend this!******Received an ecopy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review:Alice is screwing up her courage to ask her hottie neighbor for a favor. A huge favor. He's a bit stand offish, so appletinis might do the trick. One...or four. Damn, too many! Eventually, Alice is able to ask him for the favor, and oh look...just in time as he, Noah, has to get out of town for a little bit. Pretending to be her boyfriend on a week long cruise to celebrate her sister's wedding should be easy enough...if he can keep his fangs in! I truly enjoyed this story. The characters had little idiosyncrasies that made them unique (Edna the outrageous flirt? And yet...very sweet as you find out...well, I won't spoil it). Noah has been fighting an attraction for Alice for some time now. She wasn't available when he first moved in next door five years ago. And since he has to protect his secret of being a vampire, it's near impossible to get close to any one. There is a lot of sexual attraction leading to tension leading to flirtations that are just so adorable, to a hot a steamy love scene(s) that leaves the rest of the bridal party giggling. I thought it was awesome Alice and Cindy already know about vampires thanks to their brother Andrew falling in love with one, Olivia, and getting his heart broken. It was a surprising shock to the reader, but a good one! But...does that mean I've missed out on a book or is there one to come? HOORAY!This paranormal romance was right up my alley! And no, I'm not partial to it just because the author and I share a first name! Nor am I partial to it because I was given a review copy from the publishers. I'm writing my honest opinion as promised and that opinion is: sexy little read that is believable (yeah, vamp and all, these characters' banter is spot on)and well worth the read for PNR fans!