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Soul Sisters (Soul Sisters, #1)

Soul Sisters (Soul Sisters, #1) - Janiera Eldridge Got to read this on the "Read It and Reap" program! This was a unique story on "twins" and how vampires come to be. I enjoyed the little flashbacks to Dana's beginnings, but was confused at first as to why Ani wasn't in that memory with her mother. I really liked the idea behind "Soul Sisters". The book is readable, but there were a few hiccups along the way. Arguments that escalated quickly with no warning, some sentence structures that seem colloquial and threw me off, just not enough background on characters (it's there, but it seems disjointed somehow), etc. I understand that Dana would have been angry at Donovan seeing as how she blamed him for her husband's death, although it's explained to her that her husband's time was up. However, we jump 60 years and she's angry and petrified to see this man who gave her a few more years with her husband, made her immortal, and gave her Ani. Dana, sweetie, are you unbalanced? You seemed so reasonable and pragmatic, and yet you have this weird, extreme reaction! I found the ending incredibly abrupt and didn't quite make sense to me. WHY and HOW did Donovan look like that? What reduced him to such a state? Is Dana psychic? That dream seemed like a prophecy and yet she tells no one about it. Dana has strange strength when they are training; why? Overall, while the book was interesting, it felt a bit rushed to me. I wanted to spend more time with the characters and this world Ms Eldridge was building! Thank you for the read! I'd like to see how the story continues with Ani's new position.