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Screaming Spires (The Cavaliers: Book Two): 2

Screaming Spires - Georgiana Derwent 3.5 starsThis book picks up right where we left off in "Oxford Blood." Harriet is now dating Tom, accepting and yet not accepting of the Cavaliers and vampire culture in Oxford, and basically coming to grips with the fact that her 'best friend' is now a vampire and her other friend, Olamide, is having a hard time recovering from her ex-boyfriend's, Callum, death. I liked the history of the Cavaliers being presented, was fascinated to learn more about this Fea person, and really wanted to delve more into the depth of the story. Unfortunately, it's not there in this book as it just seems to be laying the ground work for book three. I found Harriet insipid and annoying this time around and the "romance" to be aggravating. Harriet does clean up her act a bit towards the end of this novel, but the first half was frustrating and juvenile. And Tom, too! In the first book, I rooted for Tom over George because I couldn't stand George's overbearing, condescending manner. It is a complete 180 this time around. We finally get to see the Roundheads and are introduced to more of Augustine's, and therefore The Cavaliers, history. Not enough in my opinion, but the start is there. We also get to see some more immediate, recent history of Adelaide & Harriet's past. Again, I found the reactions of Adelaide to be over the top and juvenile. I felt as if I was suffering whiplash and was confused as to whether I supported her decision or wanted to throttle her instead. This happens twice: once in regards to her daughter, once in regards to her husband. I think most readers will find themselves interacting with this book: snorting, itching to smack characters, cheering them on, etc. In my opinion, this is what makes a good book: your reader gets INVOLVED, even if it's out of frustration as opposed to sighing and oohing/aahing over their favorite characters. I'm neither Team George or Team Tom. If I had to choose one, I'd go with George, but I'm hoping for a new character to come in Book III and sweep Harriet off her feet while not being condescending and helping her to "get" the vampire culture. I WANT her immersed in vamp society; I don't want her mesmerized out of it.