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Drowning Rapunzel

Drowning Rapunzel - Annette Gisby There was a lot I liked and didn't like about this book. The opening pages are eye-popping. It made me doublecheck the title to make sure I knew what i was reading. The romance made me say, uh oh! She already wants to fix him! Instant dislike for the brother, Andrew, and that remains strong throughout the book. What a jerk. While I liked some of the characters and the romance, this book just seemed very disjointed to me and jumped around. The book itself comes across a little reserved in a weird, old-fashioned way that made me question if this was current or set in the past. It's nearly timeless, but not quite. The characterizations are kind of "springed" on you in sudden, jolting ways. For example: that last "confrontation" or whatever you wish to call it with Andrew ended abruptly and without enough explanation that I couldn't make sense of it. Then there's barely talking to the guy you're crushing on and suddenly everyone is full blown in love. The idea of the plot was very good, but it just didn't come together for me. As always, reading is subjective so perhaps this is just one of those books I didn't "get".