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The First Book Of Calamity Leek

The First Book Of Calamity Leek - Paula Lichtarowicz What a frightening book. This was a book that didn't seem like fiction -- because we all know damn well that there is such a distinct possibility it could REALLY happen. Come on...you've seen it on the news already: cultish weirdos, kidnapped victims forced to live as family members for YEARS, etc. It could have happened at one place or another, in your own neighborhood or in the neighboring state or in a different country, even know in these "modern" times. It is the POSSIBILITY which is the most frightening. You've seen the show "Hoarders" - you see how fragile the human mind is and how the slightest little thing can set it off. So you see this fragility of the mind and how it works, and you can easily see how children would be the most susceptible, the least to question. ANYTHING can be taught and programmed into them as if it is reality when truly it is anything but. And once it's done, how do we convince them/reprogram them to the norms of society? This book makes you question how one would recover and integrate into society and be re-taught things. If all your life you were taught that what is cold is something call HOT and what is hot is called cold, how long would it take you to relearn? The human mind is so delicate and so complicated. I would rate this book as a solid 3.5 stars. It'd be higher if I weren't so confused in the beginning as to what was going on. If you can get past the first 30% or so, it will utterly capture you with the plot and the suspense. You will read on to solve the mystery! I know this review is extremely vague as to the specifics, but with such a book, I really am trying not to give away a SINGLE thing. I cannot talk about the characters or the plot without giving away a bit, so I'm keeping it vague. Persevere through the beginning! You'll get hooked on the mystery, too. There are of course a few hints on the way, and some of you may guess it way earlier than others, but I don't think it will deter you from enjoying this book as much as I did.