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Oxford Blood (The Cavaliers: Book One)

Oxford Blood - Georgiana Derwent I REALLY got into this book fairly quickly and completely enjoyed it. Oxford, a magical place that I visited years ago and would love to go back, is the setting to this novel and I was so jealous of Harriet as she arrives: the excitement of being there, of her studies, of making it to Oxford, etc. Gorgeous, rich vampires with nary a bit of sparkles, that combination of lust, power, and bloodthirstiness, and yet they are still so refined in their traditions. I was instantly intrigued by the hot/cold of Tom and not quite sure what to make of it. As the story unfolds, I was amazed at the similarities between Adelaide's experience and Harriet's experience. I LOVED the explanation of the old boy network/establishment and how it is really a Cavaliers vampire thing. Fantastic! And I truly enjoyed how the author explained things to us the reader by explaining it to Harriet as well as the flashbacks to expand on what we're curious about. I felt that they were integrated seamlessly. There were a few editing errors, I noted, but it's nothing detrimental and doesn't knock you out of your reader zone. I think you realize that Harriet's idea is futile. I was shocked to discover her mother's part in everything; I expected her to be SOMETHING, but not what she is. And..I was leaning towards the culprit...and was right! The ending was satisfactory and closed this chapter of the story, but I DEFINITELY cannot wait to read the next, "Screaming Spires"!!!