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Otherborn - Anna  Silver Review to come during the tour in a few weeks. :)*****************The future is grim and bleak and there is absolutely nothing New. No dreaming, no creativity, slowly starving to death behind city walls. It’s a pretty bleak place…and I think it’s a bit frightening because it can be so easily imagined. Energy crisis? Check. Culture of fear? Check. Gangs running amok? Check.London, Zen, Kim, Rye, Avery, and Degan are part of a band. They play at Pauly’s bar, playing old songs Pauly has discs of that they imitate. Until one day when London shows up and plays him something New. Something they created. Pauly flips out and then Degan ends up dead. Degan was the most recent to join them and admit they have been Dreaming and that they have these selves in their dreams that are...otherworldly. Then Avery goes missing. And London and her friends decide to venture out into the scorched earth to try and save their friend, Avery, meeting Outroaders, gangsters, and tracking Avery down to the Tycoons. And that’s when they discover…Just kidding: I’m not going to spoil the book for you. This is a book that is obviously set in a futuristic, dystopian earth. It’s exactly what you expect of dystopia: grimy, dirty, seedy, starving, desperation. It bothered me when I was reading that dreaming was such a big deal. Humans need to dream. It’s how they work out all of their issues. It’s a biological NEED. Once I got over that, I was then a bit confused about the Otherborn selves. But Ms Silver does a fabulous job of leading you along and then explaining.Bravery, heartache, hurt, betrayal, and a cliffhanger ending, this book was a fast ride of discovery with London and her friends. It left me with a lot of questions at the end, ready for book 2, so not completely satisfied at all. I am worried over the characters, the last few interactions, etc., and I think that is a great compliment to the author: she yanked me in, made characters that I care about, and a plot that I need to finish reading. I cannot wait to read more!