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A Corner of White (The Colours of Madeleine #1)

A Corner of White - Jaclyn Moriarty I did not finish this book. There is a lot that seemed intriguing to me, but a lot that just wasn't getting it done. After getting to about 55%, I didn't want to read any more and my interest definitely waned. I will finish this book eventually as I do want to know what happened to Elliot's dad, I'm hoping for more description on these "color" attacks, I want to know if Madeline's old life as described to her friends is true or not, if her mother is okay, if she'll reunite with her dad. I lost interest because...it was taking too long without enough background or descriptive information for me. It was a very slow start to begin with, but then we have a "Fifth Level Grey" attack and a description of the wounds, but not really what the Grey thing looks like. We're told about the different colors, but not in depth enough that I felt I knew what was going on. I know as the reader we're the outsider, especially in this alternate universe, but I need more information to go on. It's just so... random. Then bouncing back to The World (our world), you have Madeline and her mother and the 2 homeschooling companions. Madeline's letters to Elliot made me smile as she has gumption and snark in her disbelief, which really doesn't match this flighty, fanciful girl of her past life. You have social bullying on both sides (Bella towards Madeline and then Elliot's friends not being nice to the newcomers who just happened to rent his dead/missing father's shop) which, while it rang very true, didn't make me see them as loyal friends of Elliots. Rather, they're just jerks. I don't know whether the book got tedious or if I just somehow lost the Reading Zone. For me, my Reading Zone is pretty strong, so to get knocked out of it or lose interest is usually a tad difficult. There's a lot of...charm and funny light banter in the writing, but gosh I just don't know. It just didn't work for me.I think this book would be enjoyed by a different reader other than me. The storyline, the parallel universe, magic, mystery...wonderful ideas. For some reason, I just could not connect with it.