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Black Feathers (Black Dawn, #1)

Black Feathers (Black Dawn, #1) - Joseph D'Lacey If one is into the horror genre, Black Feathers by D’Lacey is a book well worth reading. His prose is sophisticated and the message worth contemplating by us all: to consciously live our lives in Earth friendly ways. The horrifying end result of not doing so is plainly described for us; although imagined, it may indeed come to fruition. It could be today, it could be tomorrow. It could HAPPEN. It surely is bound to if we continue in the ways that we have been living; taking it all without giving back, raping our planet without reserve to feed our greed and the next best thing in technological advances. Personally, I don’t like novels that don’t have a solid ending. I understand that this is book 1, but cliffhangers are not usually my favorite. Cliffhangers or “to be continued”s make me sound like a murloc (World of Warcraft reference) as I go ARGHHGHGHGHGHGHGHMRGGLGMRGGLLGLUGGGGRL. I did like how the two protagonists come to connect with one another to stop the ultimate devastations. Sigh, but now…yeah, no ending, have to wait!