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Dahlia (Blood Crave, #1)

Dahlia (Blood Crave, #1) - Christina Channelle 3.5 starsDahlia...oh, Dahlia. A VERY interesting take on vampires and their origins. This is the beginning to what will be a great series, I am sure. This is the foundation novel: we get to know Dahlia, we're introduced to Greyson, we're learning the background of everything. So this book is a little slow in that there isn't a rapid jump into action. It is more of a discovery journey, something that a lot of series lack.Without giving away what she is, for I really hate spoilers, let's just say that her counterparts that introduce her to what she is are the epitome of the bad sides of human. Jealousy, anger, hatred, prejudice, violence. And Dahlia is just a young, teenage girl trying to deal with this all.There are a few paranormal/fantasy themes here that Ms Channelle blended together really well in my opinion. I enjoyed the book and look forward to the rest of the series.Dahlia is available on amazon.com and the prequel/sidestory, "Fallen Tears", novella is also available and will detail the story of Rowan, someone introduced to the reader at the end of the first novel.