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Talisman Of El

Talisman Of El - Alecia Stone I wasn't really expecting this book to be an angels & demons book, visiting the Garden of Eden and some well known archangels such as Uriel and Gabriel. It is a very intriguing storyline and I really hated for it to end, knowing as the pages ticked away that I would be left wanting more. And you do want more. I found the friendships of Alex, Charlie, and Richmond to be sweet. Two lost boys and one spunky girl. Derkein's affliction was a bit heartbreaking and I really wanted that to be resolved and quickly. (I won't give away too much, I promise!)The author does a good job of highlighting what makes us human, and it's sad to say that compassion is not the forerunner. Instead, what seems to make us stand out as human is our aggressive (and jealous/insecure) behavior. Lovely. I liked the world Ms. Stone put forth and look forward to reading more and to see how Derkein, Charlie, Richmond, Alex, Oren, Candra, etc., save us.