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When the Siren Calls

When the Siren Calls - Tom  Barry Other reviewers said that this book was an incredible thrill ride of erotica, mystery, and romance. I wouldn't describe it as a thrill-ride at all. I didn't think the pace of the novel was one where I was rushing to read it in a gulp. Instead, it was a twisting, meandering road at a nice steady pace where each character was brought to light. Mr Barry's voice is rich, his characters three-dimensional, and the storyline full. You may outright reject Isobel, although she's the protagonist, because of her actions and thoughts. You may want to kick Jay in the butt or knee him in the groin. You may want to smack Peter. I felt all of these things as I was reading. "If I could just reach through the pages and give this guy's ear a good, sharp tug...GEEZ WHAT A JERK!!!!"This was described as a "thinking woman's 50 shades" and I think that is an insult to the author. 50 Shades is a poorly written series about sex and nothing else. Mr Barry's book is more about the human condition. You've met the Marias and Isobels and Jays and Peters and Andys and Ginas. Maybe you're one of them. Maybe you're in a similar predicament. You may have the same longings as Isobel. And that, my friends, is why this book is a good read. You can relate in some shape, some form, and nod your head as the characters move about their business. You get it.