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The Tower's Alchemist: The Gray Tower Trilogy: 1

The Tower's Alchemist: The Gray Tower Trilogy - Alesha Escobar Argh! I have to wait now for the trilogy to be finished?! I really need to pay attention to publication dates!Got this when it was free on amazon. It took a little bit to get into the story. I felt like I was missing a whole lot of background information, as if there was a previous book introducing everyone. You quickly get by that though and pulled into the story. Isabella is a wizard, an american based in london, trained by the grey tower who oversees all wizards apparently, and works as a spy. it is world war II and the nazis are tapping all sorts of resources, magical and physical. Who do you trust? Those supposedly on your side betray you, your own family is a mess of lies, you are alone. There are creepy killers known as black wolves, barely controllable with no humanity left, and cruenti - vicious vampires who prey on wizards. There are powerful wizards with no scruples, and sweet normals trying to end the nazi regime. I really enjoyed this book. I wanted to know more and more and was sad when it ended and I was left with too many unanswered questions. I'm going to wait til 2 and 3 are both published before reading 2 so I can get it all at once!