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Strindberg's Star

Strindberg's Star - Jan Wallentin This took me a while to finish. It started off pretty good, making you inquisitive as to what the hell is going on, and then...I reached a point where I could put the book down and took MONTHS to get back to. I gritted my teeth and decided to finish it because I don't like leaving books left unread (except for War & Peace, that damn thing). Surprisingly, I remembered everything and was able to pick right back up where I left off, some 40% through the book and finished it in the last couple of days. On the whole, it's an interesting novel. The threads that are VERY far apart end up being woven together quite nicely, if not fully satisfying. The narrative voice is a little dry to me, but I think it stems from translation. I felt the same when reading Larsson or Potszch (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series and The Hangman's Daughter respectively). Perhaps coming from a Swedish/German author and then being translated into English, you lose something in translation. Or perhaps it's just the narrative voice there that I'm not used to. It's almost as if there's this complete objectivity even though you're in the thicks of it. Odd.Would I recommend it? If you liked Larsson and Potszch (I think I'm spelling his name wrong, apologies sir!) and you like a historical mystery, then please do. I think you'll enjoy it. There are some very poignant flashes of history, some interesting looks at the past that captivate you.