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Exit Strategy (Nadia Stafford Series #1)

Exit Strategy - Kelley Armstrong This is quite different from the Women of the Otherworld series by Armstrong. It's a fascinating, estimated peek inside the world of the hitmen/women. I really enjoyed it and look forward to another novel with Nadia as the lead character. Her mentor and the way he spoke drove me up the wall though. It kept interrupting my enjoyment because the questionable way of speaking (which, let's face it, is prevalent in the US now) frustrated me. When people in real life speak this way, I want to hit them on the back and tell them to spit it out and make a statement. I understood why her character spoke like that...he's a man of few words and was getting his point across. But I found it disruptive to the flow of the novel.That being said, pick this up! Great story, good characters, nice plot.