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Broken Beauty (Broken Beauty Novellas #1) - Chloe Adams This was tough and infuriating to read. Incredibly well written and totally captures the ignorance, asshole-ness, and full out stupidity of current politicians that discuss such bunk as "legitmate rape."

My heart broke for Mia, over and over and over again. Having money doesn't mean you have a good life. Not only is she a victim of rape to two fucking assholes who should have their penises chopped off, but then she's victimized again and again by her father, her father's lackeys, her uncle, her shrink, everyone. Why? Because daddy is a politician and running a campaign.

What makes me sick is that this story happens EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. and you have fucktarded women like Shea who writes shit that makes the VICTIM claim responsibility for her own rape. This rape culture in the United States needs to stop. IT NEEDS TO STOP. I'm disgusted. My stomach is twisting. My heart is breaking for this young teenage girl whose father is seemingly going to force her to carry her rapist's baby because he fed her some bunk about legitimate rape...how a woman's body will not allow a pregnancy if raped. Are you kidding me?!

For every single politician who said anything REMOTELY like this (I'm looking at you Todd Akin of Missouri, you dumb fuck), I suggest you go back to school and think about how you would feel if any of those victims were your wives, your sisters, your daugthers, your mothers. Oh, unless you're like Mia's dad. Then I guess you just don't give a shit and will use the experience to bolster your ratings, huh? Assholes.

Shit. This book is raw and powerful and was really really hard to read. And it isn't even over yet. This was just scratching the surface. *sigh*

This is a far cry from my normal reviews, isn't it? This book will piss you off though. You will be so mad at the people surrounding Mia. Maybe it will be an eyeopener to you to our current culture. It even happens here on goodreads where authors and reviewers are being told to "go get raped" or "should be sodomized".