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Wings of Arian: The Solus Trilogy - Devri Walls I had not heard of this series before this tour and was given a chance to review. I chose to review the first book in the series (because who would ever start at the end and work their way backwards, right? =P ). Also, I'm one to judge a book by its cover (as in, should I read this? Should I sign up for the tour? Should I buy it?) and this cover has "READ ME, TIFFANY" all over it! Luckily...it lives up to its cover!

This is a WONDERFUL start to a sword and sorcery YA fantasy series that winds its way into your subconscious and has you thinking about it when you have to step away for daily life, you know like making dinner, washing your hands, etc. :) I was smiling while thinking of the snark behind some of the characters, like Arturo!

I wasn't sure that I was going to like Kiora as she seemed so insecure about her being the Solus. She quickly wins me over with her great empathy, tender heart, honesty, loyalty, and desire to do no harm. Her self-doubt can start to get annoying at times, but she IS only 16 and she has the weight of the WORLD on her shoulders.

Prince Emane, I thought for sure he and Kiora would fight the ENTIRE book when we first met him in the beginning, but I was pleasantly surprised at how mature they both were rather quickly as they grasped what lies ahead of them. And then of course it develops into more.

There are magic-users, shape-shifters, pegasus, dragons, fairies (well, Guardians, I wouldn't want to upset them!), ancient evil, a magical book, and a journey that is amazing as both Emane and Kiora train and learn their abilities and prepare to take on the dark evil. I found the premise that the kingdom and its people have no idea what evil is, no lying, no fear of thievery, abuse, murder, rape, etc. A wonderful utopia, no? Of course...until evil awakens again.

I liked the cast of characters, especially the dragon and the pegasus. I don't want to go into the plot more as I don't want to ruin it for you, but I am itching to get to book 2 and 3 as soon as I can! If you like fantasy of the sword and sorcery kind, that includes dragons and pegasus and magic, with a touch of sweet romance, pick this up!