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I probably won't blog here as much as I do on my actual blog, A_TiffyFit's Reading Corner. But I'm sure you'll see me here often enough! Don't be shy. Say hi! Tell me what you're reading!

Deidre's Death (Rhyn Eternal, #2) - Lizzy Ford I'm reading this along with the book club. This is the read for the week. And I'm utterly at lost as to what I WANT to happen. There are love triangles and then there are LOVE squares with twists and ties and strings all around.

These characters of Ms. Ford's are leaping off the page and shaking their fists at me. I want to strangle them, hug them, soothe them, smack them, scream at them, commiserate with them, smack them again, and then...I have no idea how I want this to end.

The title has nothing to do with what I thought was going to happen and I could've smacked myself for being dumb and not seeing the double entendre or expecting it. Duh duh duh.

Crap, what do I want to happen in Darkyn's Mate? I DO NOT KNOW. All I know is, that's next week's read and I'm trying to be good and not read ahead until after discussion tomorrow anyway. :)

I want Harmony to get hers. That is for sure. I cannot stand betrayals and traitors. Darkyn has so much depth that I do not want him to get screwed over. I can't stand past-Death's cavalier attitude towards humans and those she stomps on in her path, but she's now learning what it means to be human and regretting what she can remember so she's developing. Gabriel, poor poor Gabe. He's all kinds of confused. And Deidre...and Darkyn...and Gabe...and other Deidre...and GAH!