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Winter Fire - Lizzy Ford *SHRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK*What?! Holy mother of cliffhangers!DAAAAAAAAAAAAAMN. How the hell is it possible for each book to get more and more intense in this series? I have absolutely fallen for this series and for Lizzy Ford's writing. Stayed up last night doing the wholething while reading this series. I'm late on this review. I was gifted an ARC from the author and I'm so wickedly incredibly late. I've gone through Summer's first trial, which she passed, to her breaking the laws in grief, and dying. To Autumn's trial. To Decker's ruin and salvation. To Beck's trials with that evil bitch, Dawn. And now...there's Morgan & Beck and oh, how I cannot wait to see how it ends. I was in disbelief that my kindle wouldn't turn any more pages. I've been glued to my kindle for a day just losing myself in the world of The Witchling series. The characters kinda leap off the page and grab you by the throat and you can't help but to pay attention. Watching the relationship unfold, the hints about Morgan's torturous last four years, watching Beck discover what love is, watching Dawn just become more and more evil...what a ride!And then the ending? I'm glad I was reading on a bed at the time as I dropped my kindle and looked remarkably like Ewan MacGregor below. Oh boy, Ms. Ford, when is the next one out? I got my one-click finger hovering and ready!