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Jumper (Time Travelers)

Jumper - Jeff LaFerney Imagine one day you discover that you can time travel. That's what happens with the protagonist, Cole, in this book. Cole is a loner who has basically raised himself beyond the age of 13 after leaving his mother, and although there was a father, he was not a person Cold rely upon for care or love. Cole learns from an angel that his gift's spark was for the purpose of humankind as well as his new responsibility to protect a young woman destined to make her mark in changing history & the collapse of mankind. In the pursuit of Hannah's protection, Cole learns much about himself, his origin, his capabilities, and his destiny. Ultimately he learns about his adoption and discovers his birth mother. The author's incorporation of current politics in the middle east made this novel seem more real. I felt myself wishing that something like jumping were real. Imagine how the world would be! The prose and the plot are dynamic and full of energy; there are no glaring holes or glitches. A very entertaining read!