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Runes  - Ednah Walters My spot on the tour is on May 22ndA_TiffyFit's Review -Where do I begin? Okay, I have to begin with the ending. My reaction to the ending was an astounding: WHAAAAAAAAAAT?!! I scanned back a few lines and read it again.That is one HELL of an ending, Ednah Walters! Cliffhanger indeed, please give me book two NOW!Okay...now to the review: Raine is a high school swim champ whose father has gone missing in an airplane crash. Her mother swears he is still alive, but Raine is starting to doubt as weeks turn into months. Luckily Raine has her two BFFs, Eirik and Cora to keep her company and mind occupied. Raine has feelings for Eirik and is hoping that their relationship will finally progress into MORE. Enter the new neighbor: hot with bad boy vibes (well just because of the Harley), despite Raine's insistence she wants Eirik she can't help but to keep looking at Torin St. James....And there are weird things afoot in her house: she is constantly hearing her mother talk to herself while looking in the mirror, her mom mutters something near her birthday about not being able to tell her alone, Torin makes strange allusions to something, even referring to her and her friends as Mortals. And Raine sees Andris covered in what can only be described as strange tattoos that get stronger and then fade. WHAT IS GOING ON?Cora and Raine's friendship was incredibly realistic - their banter, the way they act towards one another, etc. I liked Cora a lot - sweet, spunky, steadfast friend. I liked Eirik as well, but despite his good boy persona and sweet attendance on Raine, it seemed like passion just wasn't there. They are much too buddy buddy and with Torin tossed in the mix, I was rooting for Raine to go for Torin. "Break it off cleanly and go to Torin!" Many of the interactions between Raine and Torin were attraction charged, intense, fluttery, and then left her as torn as I would've been.I spent much of the book trying to guess the mythology, what they were, etc., and I'm pretty sure Raine felt the same way I did:I loved this book. It kept me gripped and wanting to read more. It kept me in Reader Zone and then I started to panic as I'm watching the percentage on my kindle dwindle, the minutes counting down to how much time until I reach the end of the book, and then the ending...THE ENDING! GAH! I hope it comes out soon. Highly recommended!