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Heaven's Night

Heaven's Night - Harry Aderton First I should say that I am an atheist so I wasn't very pre-disposed towards geeking out about this book. Requesting this book I was of two minds: completely intrigued and a little put off. A long novel based Lucifer's defection? I thought it would be angsty and long-winded and, frankly, too religious in tone to hold my interest. I am SO happy to say I was wrong. The story is told from the point of a view of a lesser known Archangel named Sariel. Sariel explains angelic names (Sariel, Sammael, Gabriel, Kakabel, Azazel, Michael, etc. Notice anything?) as he starts to tell his story. Sariel has a soulmate in Requel, an angel of the lower classes and she is the catalyst to get him involved in the destruction Sammael, who now calls himself Lucifer, is bringing to the lower spheres of existence. I am not very well-versed in angel lore other than knowing vaguely the classes of angels in a sort of cut-and-dry school way: Cherubim, Serpahim, Archangel. This book explained the different classes of angels perfectly, easily, and well-integrated to the story. And what a story it is. A story of heartache, of a family fractured, of deepest betrayal, of despair and the horrors of war, of how twisted one can be come, of hope, of faith, and most of all, of love. Truly, love conquers all. It can conquer fear, self-doubt, loneliness, heartache, betrayal, corruption.The author seemed to weave some of the eastern philosophies as well into the story and I truly enjoyed that. It goes to highlight harmony we could have if we would only recognize it and let it happen. This book isn't preachy. It's filled with fantasy and gruesome war scenes. And yes, it talks about faith and faith in god. But I walked away with the sense of faith in love and trust in your family members and loved ones. But most of all, I walked away with the story of two soulmates, and one who literally moved heaven for the other.