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Sapphire City (The Jewelled City Series, Book One)

Sapphire City (The Jewelled City Series, Book One) - Amy Richie Review to come. ************This was a fantastic mermaid story with great vision while keeping things masked, revealing itself in little bits and pieces, one at a time. The weirdness of Nortica and its people is a tad creepy and I thought it was going to be this strange horror story. Then as more and more was revealed, I fell in love with this fairy tale.It has the elements you'd expect: not all pretty, some really harsh, some incredibly messed up, reality up-ended, and more. The difference in the jeweled cities (Blue, Red, Green, White) are fascinating and make you think about the colors and how you associate. Do they match for you? Or is it masked? I was so incredibly disappointed with the cliffhanger ending, but only because I'm selfish and wanted to read more and more and more. I needed more resolution about all those questions! I needed to spend more time in this world!!