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Tamed - Douglas R.   Brown Review to come on the blog June 16th. But here it is now!***************Wow! Just when you thought that all has been covered about the stories of werewolves comes Douglas R. Brown's werewolves. This is certainly a new take on an old genre. And, I know I say this often (it's because I know how to pick 'em when I request books, seriously), but Brown's rendition is believable as in "holy crap this could happen!" Who knows? It could be you, it could be one of my relatives, or hey...it could be ME -- so watch out! Anything's possible!I'm a firm believer that it is humans who are the pests and piranhas and parasites of the world, infecting and destroying the Earth and its animals. And that if there IS such thing as evil, it lies within human beings. The rest of the beings on earth have reason, but it's about survival. It is us humans who do the harm to all things on earth, and arrogantly believe we have the rights over all other things because we are at the top of the food chain since we can make weapons. So. Brown's "Tamed" gave me great satisfaction when the revenge rains upon those humans who are this way: Those who disregard and disrespect all creatures and things because we are "the top" instead of being more caring, accepting, and brotherly like. The caretakers of all that's graced upon us, which includes all species big and small on this planet we share, this planet we all call home. The "Tamed"'s different take is refreshing and full of energy and constant motion/action. It is a page turner that causes you to anticipate what will occur next. The end is both an expected event and a surprise, but a good one. One will come away from this book feeling good and satisfied. A concise and well-told tale which doesn't get lost in too many unnecessary tangents. Brown's straight-forward story entrenches the reader in an exciting read that doesn't need or have superfluous fanfare!