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Norma Jean (Young Love #2, Summer Love #2)

Norma Jean (Young Love #2, Summer Love #2) - Amanda Heath The first part of this book was fantastic - I liked the characters coming together, discovering their issues, learning to love one another, letting go of the past. But...the second half of the book was not as good as the first half. Reviews are so subjective as you can see from people who adored this book to people who did not adore it. I just didn't like it. I didn't like how the characters separated without talking about things. I didn't like the years spent apart and yet she ends up with someone close to him?! But, even with those dislikes, the writing gave me a headache. It was a whirlwind of ideas that just were not woven together very neatly. The ideas were there, but the delivery was not, in my opinion. It almost had that weird dream sequence feel to it of disjointedness, bursts of emotion without sense, etc. I didn't absolutely hate this book, but it was a fight to finish. Please remember though...I am just ONE reviewer. It could just be me. Read some of the other reviews to see if this novel would appeal to you.