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Anomaly (The Birthright Series, #1)

Anomaly (The Birthright Series, #1) - J.C. Emery I'm trying something new with my book tours and blasts reviews: keeping those short, with more in depth reviews later on or here on goodreads. Why? Well with these tours and blasts I'm doing, there's a lot of information included! Plot synopsis, author bios, author interviews/character interviews, or guest posts, etc. Soooo I'll try to split a few up and see how it goes. If I get negative comments from my book tour organizers, I'll know to keep it all together in one place! So from my upcoming participation in a tour:"I liked how this book just jumped right in and started up right away, but that also created some issues for me as I felt like I was missing out on a whole bunch of history that I should know! I admired Kate as Eliza's sister; always looking out for her even if it seems a bit smothering. I found Luke intriguing even as I was a bit confused; I had doubted he was a vampire himself thinking he was just a vampire hunter! The stirrings of romance and lust between Eliza and Luke made me grin. I cannot wait for the rest of the series to follow through with the story as we're left on a cliff hanger and I have a lot of unanswered questions!!!"And now for the meatier review:This felt like a novella - short, not full explanations or details, springboard lust for hot vampire dude, etc. I thought Luke was just a hunter at first and not a vampire himself; when we learn more about him, it's still just a teaser! And he lives with some super hot chick vampire, but there are NO details as to their relationship. Just that it is. And man, she is one catty female staking her claim.I liked watching Eliza's development go from prissy little wallflower to having some gumption in certain scenes, but it doesn't last. The crying jags get annoying. I realize that this is traumatic for you, but holy schnikes. Straighten that spine! I really want to like you, Eliza, but you're making it difficult! Spoiler alert! Questions. I'm just gonna let them flow. Ready?! What the hell is with the long lived bunny, Lapin? Why don't we get any explanation about the grandmother's weird ass reaction? Or Jeff's? WHY DOES JEFF KNOW SOMETHING ABOUT LAPIN THAT ELIZA DOES NOT? Was Kate a saint when she was alive, always looking out for Eliza? Because now that she is on the other side, she's a BITCH. So what? Was she protecting Eliza for something else? The equivalency of fattening her up for slaughter? Why is there no information on what was wrong with Eliza as a kid? Bone marrow transplant and then a kidney transplant, but we don't know WHAT kind of sickness this is. It's shrouded in mystery as if a simple "it was cancer" diagnosis is not the answer. Why didn't you have the funky healing powers then? Luke says you're not human, BUT WE ARE NOT TOLD WHAT YOU ARE. Obviously your grandma knows; she reacted so freaking weird you remarked on how upsetting it was. Jeff has to know because he knows about Lapin. Why doesn't Luke know who that guy who was whispering gaelic (?) to you as he bit you and sucked your blood oh so tenderly? If he's as old as he is, and he's the antithesis to The Legion, he should bloody know! I wasn't upset at Bryce's death; he's a shit. Brigid is weird. These characters are mix of faceted and cabochon and I'm not sure where I am with love/like/hate.Eliza grows on you as a character. You like her, you dislike her, you question why she doesn't know, etc. So many secrets need to be explained!