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Cry Devil

Cry Devil - Viviana Ware Totally peculiar. I *know* wrote this review already and yet I cannot find it and it showed up as a "to-read" book for me. Okay...let's see if I can't rewrite it. Odd.*************Review: “That girl- alone in the darkness on that cold spring night, hearing no sirens in the distance yet breathing more steadily with every passing moment- she was you.”As I began reading this prologue titled “Genesis,” I was struck by the imagery created. It’s sad, horrific, genuine, reflective, and then to have the line above at the end of the description, quite shocking. Continuing onto the first chapter, Ms. Ware certainly grasped my attention with constant use of the second person. Suddenly the story isn’t about some character; suddenly I *am* that character named Grace. It was a weird, yet effective juxtaposition for me. I am Grace and yet I'm reading Grace; I'm judging her, but then am I judging myself? However you wish to approach it, you must admit that it draws you in. Viviana Ware does a wonderful job of capturing teenager and teenage emotions. You have this drug use going on, this ... mental instability coupled with grief and moving to a new place, etc. Heartache and crushes, suddenly dealing with an incredibly religious family member, of having added pressure because you come from THAT family. This book reads very cinematic: it is easy to view as if you would a movie, especially the last few scenes. Thank you to the author for letting me read to review this book here on goodreads!