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Grabbed by Vicious: 1 (Grabbed)

Grabbed by Vicious - Lolita Lopez Erotica is not my normal genre, but I've signed up for a couple blog tours featuring erotica lately and decided to jump in on this one, too!Hallie is, at first, a very determined young woman desperate to reach the Safe Zone of her village's "Grab". She has dreams of making it off-planet to a colony that isn't so backwards and restrictive towards women, to a new future. Her only chance is to outrun her pursuer and make it to the Safe Zone. Vicious has been watching her in the pens, seeing as she memorizes the map, and knows that she is the perfect wife for him: gutsy, determined, intelligent. A heart-pounding footrace of Hallie trying to escape and Vicious chasing her down is the opening of this novel.Yes, this is erotica. Yes, there is a lot of sex. (A LOT OF SEX, so if that's your thing, you'll love this) But there's also a story. You learn that Hallie is a political dissident of her village and actively so, not just a talker. Vicious isn't just a war machine, he's considerate. There's a side story of domestic violence (yes even in the future on a spaceship, humans still suck) and how it is wrong, etc.While many may find Hallie's capitulation to Vicious quick, I found it practical. She instantly recognizes that 1) she's on a frigging space ship - where is she gonna go? 2)Vicious, despite his scary name, is not vicious towards her and is an honorable man. 3)He overwhelms her sensually; there is NO rape, she is attracted to him!I liked the tattoos of the Harcos Warrior culture. I found it touching and meaningful, unlike many tattoos in today's culture. (Don't scream at me, there's a whole TV show dedicated to bad tattoos! lol)Hot read. Menace, the main character in the next book, made me laugh in this one by being disgruntled a bit (you'll see). Erotica may not be my normal thing, but this hit the spot!