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Jack Absolute

Jack Absolute - C.C. Humphreys Disclaimer: I received this book from the publisher via netgalley in exchange for a review. I have not been compensated for my opinion. Things people are saying about this book are pretty huge: Diana Gabaldon called it "an absolute delight!". Well, you've read it above. I have to say...it lives up to all of those accolades and more! I enjoy historical fiction and I truly loved this book. It starts off with Jack Absolute looking at his opponent of an illegal duel in London, sizing him up, musing over how he got to be in a duel anyway. We are introduced to his witty, steadfast Mohawk brother, Atè, who is standing in as Jack's second. After the duel turns dishonorable (by his opponent), Jack and Atè are making a run for it, saved by Jack's old commanding officer Burgoyne, but then neatly boxed in to re-enlist and go back to his spying ways. Atè remarks to Jack in the very beginning that he is impressive in everything except for when it comes to women; in that area, Jack has proven time and time again that he is a fool. (And this comment turns out to be prophetic; or is it inevitable?) As Jack and Atè talk and banter, the reader can see that they are indeed brothers. It's respectful ribbing, unspoken words and understandings, a true bond. This novel is one adventure after another. There are captures, betrayals, daring escapes, espionage, swordfights, romance, and loyalty. The action is incredibly cinematic, very visual. Even though I don't really know a thing about swordfighting, I was able to picture what each swing and parry looked like. I think historical fiction and historical military fiction buffs will enjoy this book immensely, but so, too, will anyone looking for an excellent story with a charming, quick-witted lead character who manages to get out of some pretty tough spots!