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Perfect Misfits

Perfect Misfits - Lawna Mackie This book was a very cute fantasy romance with gargoyles and (new) monsters and evil witches and magic. It was a fast-paced read that clipped a long at a nice rhythm. Ryder is a one-eyed gargoyle warrior of Levare who has been dreaming of a white-haired beauty of a woman in a snowy world who pleads for help. Tempest is that white haired beauty and is surprised when Ryder arrives in the nick of time to save her as she's plummeting off a cliff of Misfit Mountain. My absolute favorite character was Rogue, the half-gargoyle/half-dog that is Tempest's loyal, true friend. As with animals in our world, he is nothing but pure, unconditional love. I really liked Ryder's magic - incredibly fanciful, but useful! At one point, she takes a bath in the new cottage he's created for her and her hair is magically shampooed and detangled, etc., she has a bed of warm furs and a beautiful new outfit and she is finally able to feel clean and whole as she looks at herself in the mirror, as opposed to exhausted and bedraggled and dirty after trying to avoid Fedor. My only complaint would be that my copy was riddled with grammar mistakes through out the book. In the very beginning, the phrase is meant to be "pleading in salvation" but it says salivation. Other mistakes are your/you're misuse, breath/breathe, slime/slim, froze/frozen, etc. These are minor mistakes that spell-check would miss because they're proper words, just not the right ones! However, it did distract me from what was going on and I had to re-focus on the story.I liked this romance a lot! Despite it being a magical world, the characters are mostly believable, definitely likable, and the romance is sweet and building. You'll like how Ryder can change his size (or we'd all have questions about that wouldn't we *wink wink*) and I know you'll like Tempest. She's a bit too self-sacrificing, but I liked her and I liked how much she is willing to do for Rogue.