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A Tiger's Claim (Ashwood Falls, #1)

A Tiger's Claim (Ashwood Falls, #1) - Lia Davis This was an enjoyable paranormal (shifter) romance with some steamy scenes, faceted characters, and quick moving plot. I wasn't really expecting the book to pull me in and capture my attention and make me like the characters so quickly and completely! Little Josie is adorable and I loved how Shay instantly bonded with her.I liked how it was instant action from the first page and how the reader can immediately sympathize with Shay - she's not a whiny, weak protagonist. She is a shifter after all! But, it still highlight the fact that no matter what, males will usually dominate over females in strength. Enter Travis to save Shay and help her recover from her injuries.I liked the interactions between all of the characters: Shay & Travis, Shay & Travis' mother and daughter, the leopard/wolf pack, Shay's family. Shay's overprotective brothers are a hoot as you practically feel them glaring at Travis and grinding their teeth.I totally thought Luna & her son were going to be sinister because of the exchanged looks, etc., but I was happy to read on and see what that was all about. Travis melds seamlessly into the fold of the combined pack and I can only imagine that future books in this series will deal with the Rogues and stomping them!Definitely will want to read more in the series! The author has so many more ways to go with storylines with so many pack members!