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Open House (Pool of Souls, #1)

The Windgate (The School of Ministry #1) - Braxton A. Cosby "Open House" is a short, fast paced romance touched by the Greek gods. Robert & Rebecca were tutor and student back in high school. Robert has progressed from geeky tutor to sexy, computer genius millionaire while Rebecca is a real estate agent in their home state of Texas. Robert requests Rebecca as his real estate agent when he decides to move back home and bring his business with him to his home state. Rebecca wonders if he remembers her from their high school days, her heart aflutter as she remembers the crush she had for him back then... Aphrodite has kept her eye on these two for a few lifetimes...will Robert and Rebecca bond as soulmates for eternity? Or will Ares get his way and break them apart? This short novella is entertaining, steamy, and satisfying. :)