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ZED: A Cosmic Tale TP

Zed: A Cosmic Tale - Michel Gagné I got a e-copy of this book through NetGalley in exchange for a unbiased review. My first reaction, and the reason why I requested this book, was, "ZOMGHEISSOCUTEWHATISTHIS?" I pretty much had the same reaction while reading the book from frame to frame. The alien Zed is super cute, even when he's traumatized. Speaking of him being traumatized, this is SUCH a sad story. Sad and violent, probably two moods that describe the human race. You see mob mentality, how easily we can get swept along in rhetoric even when our inner voices are telling us to back up. The story was fluid and sad; cute and gory. The appearance of God was unexpected seeing as how it's a cosmic tale. All in all, it was a enjoyable read and one that really needs to be physical to appreciate the artwork. I will be buying this book!