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Scent of Magic

Scent of Magic - Maria V. Snyder I received this book through netgalley in exchange for my honest review. I did NOT read the first in this series, "Touch of Power", before reading this book. I would say that you don't really need to, however, there is a lot of interaction between the "team" of players that is subtle and now I really want to read Touch of Power. This book starts off with Avry and Kerrick parting ways with very specific set goals to help fight against Tohon. There's a lot of unspoken coupleness about these two that tell you that you're missing a whole history between them. There is a ton of action in this book! You have two points of view, mainly - Kerrick and Avry. You have different events occuring simultaneously and I didn't once feel as if there was a very boring lull and wanted to just page through to get to something. I liked that Ms. Snyder has a lot of strong female characters. You don't have fluff; they are all, good ones and bad ones, strong capable women, powerful and power hungry, and aren't the simpering, fainting wallflowers. I've been a fan of Wonder Woman and strong female archetypes since I was a girl. The ending was upsetting. Talk about a cliffhanger. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? So, yes, I need to get the third book now. This is NOT a standalone.