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Three Graves Full

Three Graves Full - Jamie  Mason I really didn't know what I was expecting from this book, but had I had any expectations, I'd have to say this far exceeded them. This was a well-paced read that immerses you in the story from the get go.As the title suggests, there are three graves full, all on one property, Jason Getty's property. Jason knows about one of the graves. He should; he's the one who put the body there and it's been tormenting him for more than a year. What he didn't know is that his property has two more graves interred in his garden! Those bodies are discovered when Jason decides to have a little lawn maintenance done and from there, the dominos start to fall. As the stories unfold and we have flashbacks from Jason, and Leah, the fiance of one of the victims, you completely empathize and understand why Jason murdered that person and hid the body. And as you learn about the other two victims on the property, you kinda rationalize it out as well. The bodies are stacking up, but who did what? And why? And can we forgive and forget and move on? Jason's memories are very reminiscent of "The Tell-Tale Heart". He isn't a violent person so this is eating at him, bit by bit, day by day, at odd moments it rears its ugly head. Mysteries such as these bring up subtle moral questions that would make for great book club discussion. Do you want Jason to get away with what he did? What about Leah's actions at the end? Should Bayard pursue his instincts? Received this from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. This releases on February 12, so go get it! Definitely recommended for a lively discussion book club read as you can discuss the moral choices and your own visceral reaction to the plot. As for me? I was satisfied with the ending.