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The Archived SNEAK PEEK (The Archived, #1)

The Archived SNEAK PEEK (The Archived, #1) - Victoria Schwab This was a sneak peek, the first 9 chapters, that I received from the publisher via NetGalley. I won't bore you with a synopsis since you can look that up by clicking the link. I will simply tell you this: I am SO happy that January is not that far away! What an interesting premise with tons of promise for a grand, if a tad scary, adventure. Despite the description of warmth, wood, and sunlight, I see the Library or Archives as morbid. Afterall...the stacks aren't comprised of books but of bodies. And yet...how lovely to know that we are preserved in some way. The sneak peek leaves you hanging with a glimpse of trouble (how did that one History get a weapon?!) and a glimpse of hope with Mackenzie discovering another Keeper near her age. Is he trustworthy? Guess I'm gonna have to get the whole book to find out!